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* Prepare release of version Müller2021-11-27-0/+22
* Put options in the manual in the right orderWolfgang Müller2021-11-27-60/+60
* Update German translation of the manualWolfgang Müller2021-11-27-8/+25
* Update date in weltschmerz.1Wolfgang Müller2021-11-27-1/+1
* Add Finnish translation of the manualJuhani Krekelä2021-11-27-1/+312
* Allow user to turn OSC 7 offJuhani Krekelä2021-11-27-8/+27
* Make configuration object accessible outside of load_configJuhani Krekelä2021-11-27-1/+2
* Add procfs fallback for figuring out the cwdJuhani Krekelä2021-11-27-18/+23
* Clarify warning on duplicate keysWolfgang Müller2021-11-27-21/+21
* po: Do not break long message linesWolfgang Müller2021-11-27-2/+2
* Don't consider punctuation as part of the URLJuhani Krekelä2021-11-27-1/+1
* Update German translation of the manualWolfgang Müller2021-11-27-1/+19
* po: Update German translationWolfgang Müller2021-11-27-6/+6
* po: Update Finnish translationJuhani Krekelä2021-11-27-4/+4
* Add ability to specify additional URI handlersJuhani Krekelä2021-11-27-38/+196
* po: Fix update-pot.sh breaking on non-ASCIIJuhani Krekelä2021-11-27-1/+1
* Move spawning a subprocess into its own functionJuhani Krekelä2021-07-24-7/+10
* Unify context menus for URLs and OSC 8 hyperlinksJuhani Krekelä2021-07-24-110/+60