tag name1.5.0 (9d28277167481b55003e0b797a7020218e9b768e)
tag date2021-11-27 14:11:33 +0100
tagged byWolfgang Müller
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downloadweltschmerz-1.5.0.tar.gz (sig)
weltschmerz 1.5.0
--- MAJOR NEW FEATURES --- * Custom "Open with ..." handlers can now be added to the URI context menu using the 'open-with' setting. --- MINOR NEW FEATURES --- * weltschmerz now falls back to obtaining the current directory from procfs if no valid local path could be obtained from OSC 7. * Using the new 'prefer-osc7' setting, users may now specify which method to use for obtaining the current directory. --- MINOR BUGFIXES --- * Punctuation is no longer matched at the end of URLs. --- TRANSLATIONS --- * The manual has been translated into Finnish. --- THANKS TO --- * nortti for 'open-with', further URI regex improvements, procfs support, and the Finnish translation of the manual.