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It can be reset to its default value with
.Sy CTRL + 0 .
-The program's current directory can be opened in the default file manager with
-.Sy CTRL + Shift + O .
-Note that
-relies on proper support of OSC 7 to do this.
-If the child program (such as the shell or an editor) does not send OSC 7,
-this feature will not work.
-A new terminal window can likewise be opened in the program's current directory with
-.Sy CTRL + Shift + T .
-The limitations of
+The default file manager can be opened in the current directory with
.Sy CTRL + Shift + O
-also apply here.
+and a new terminal window with
+.Sy CTRL + Shift + T .
+By default OSC 7 path is used as the current directory, but if OSC 7 path is not
+set to a valid local path and the platform provides a Linux-style procfs at
+.Pa /proc ,
+will use the child process's working directory instead.
The search overlay can be opened by pressing
.Sy CTRL + Shift + F .