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posts: Mention German translation for weltschmerz's manual
As we noted the lack of translations for the manual in this post, make sure we update it with more relevant information now that 1.4.1 contains a German translation of the manual.
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@@ -68,7 +68,8 @@ weirder workarounds.
Finally, I'm glad to announce that weltschmerz is now translatable! The 1.4.0
release comes with a German and a Finnish translation of the program, excluding
-the manual (a bigger effort, and I did not want to drag 1.4.0 out even further).
+the manual (a bigger effort, and I did not want to drag 1.4.0 out even
This introduces [gettext]( as new
dependency. In almost all cases it should already be installed since it is the
@@ -96,3 +97,7 @@ for all relevant commits.
[^3]: See
for freedesktop's consensus on how clipboards should work in X11.
+[^4]: The newly released
+ [version 1.4.1](
+ now contains a full translation of the manual
+ [into German](