pramanthaA Gentoo Linux portage overlay11 days
cwmA Linux port and fork of OpenBSD's cwm(1)9 months
slowcgiA Linux port of OpenBSD's slowcgi(8)13 months
vim-beancountA beancount plugin for vim20 months
beets-pluginsA collection of beets plugins9 months
git-helpersA collection of helper scripts for git(1)9 months
portage-rolesA collection of portage roles for use with bosun(1)4 weeks
ywalkA fast-travel companion for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind13 months
cgitA hyperfast web frontend for git repositories written in C18 months
sailfishA simple directory bookmark manager for fish13 months
vim-summitA simple vim colorscheme17 months
weltschmerzA terminal emulator in Vala2 weeks
kernConfigure, build, and install kernels on Gentoo Linux6 weeks
vim-ripgrepInvoke rg(1) from within vim21 months
lifeboatManage and automate local restic(1) backups13 months
bosunManage portage roles with stow(8)6 weeks
syysPortage configuration for syys, a Pentium II Gentoo system11 months
quargSearch Quassel logs for matching messages and print them14 months
skeinSecure cgit hosting with slowcgi(8)13 months
siteThe source for oriole.systems3 weeks
zunzuncitoThe source for, a microblog5 weeks