YWALK(1) General Commands Manual YWALK(1)

a fast-travel companion for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

ywalk [-T] [-m modes] [-M modes] [-P place] [-w weighting_mode] [place ...]

ywalk [-h]

ywalk is a fast-travel companion for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It can print out fast-travel information for a given place, or calculate the quickest fast-travel route between a set of places.

Place names are as they appear in the game, for example “Sadrith Mora” or “Ald'ruhn”.

If no place is given, ywalk lists all places in its database. If only one place is given, the program will print out direct connections to and from that place. Additionally, a reachability map is printed, showing how easy it is to travel from the given place to any other on the map.

If two or more places are given, ywalk will calculate the best route through all of them.

The options are as follows:

Shows the integrated help page and exits.
Allows only the use of the given modes of transport, separated by commas. The modes of transport are as follows:

Value Name Notes
almsivi Almsivi Intervention
boat Boat
caravan Caravan Only in Tamriel Rebuilt
divine Divine Intervention
foot Walking Used to access Imperial Forts
guide Guild Guide
propylon Propylon Chambers Includes the Master Index
recall Recall
river_strider River Strider Only in Tamriel Rebuilt
silt_strider Silt Strider
Avoids the use of the given modes of transport, separated by commas.
Avoids traveling through the given place. This option can be given multiple times.
Avoids using modes of travel that are based on teleportation. Specifically this excludes the Guild Guide, any Propylon-based travel, and the Recall and Intervention spells. This mode is useful if ywalk should find a path that is suitable for escort missions.
Uses the given weighting method when determining the best path. The weighting methods are as follows:
Optimizes for the smallest number of hops between places.
Optimizes for the quickest journey measured by in-game hours.

This option overrides any method given in the configuration file.

Configuration is done using a configuration file. The file format consists of key-value pairs collected in groups:
data = tr-travels
recall = Tel Uvirith

The options for the misc group are as follows:

The base name of the data file to use when building the travel network. See DATA FILES for more information on the data file format and location.

The default installation includes the following data files:

Definitions for the vanilla Game of the Year edition of Morrowind.
Definitions for the Game of the Year edition of Morrowind including Tamriel Rebuilt's TR_Travels plugin.

The default is goty.

Specifies which place is accessible through the Recall spell. This should be one of the places defined in the data file.

By default no Recall destination is set.

Specifies which weighting method to use. See the -w option for details.

The default is least-time.

ywalk constructs its travel network by reading connection definitions from a text file. A connection definition consists of the origin and destination place, the mode of transport, and the amount of in-game hours needed to make the journey.

The first line of a data file defines the column names. Values are separated by the tab character. ywalk expects the following column names to be available:

The origin of a connection.
The destination of a connection.
The mode of transport, given by its full name.
The amount of in-game hours needed to complete the journey.

The following lines are the connection definitions, with values separated by the tab character.

The configuration file for ywalk.
The base directory for data files making up the travel network.

ywalk adheres to the XDG Base Directory Specification.

If $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is unset or empty, it will default to ~/.config.

If $XDG_DATA_HOME is unset or empty, it will default to ~/.local/share.

To print information about travel options in Vivec:

ywalk Vivec | less

To print the shortest path between Vivec and Gnisis:

ywalk Vivec Gnisis

To exclude the use of Almsivi and Divine intervention:

ywalk -M almsivi,divine Vivec Gnisis

To exclude any teleportation-based transport:

ywalk -T Vivec Gnisis

To add an intermediate stop in Vos:

ywalk -T Vivec Vos Gnisis

To avoid Ebonheart on the way:

ywalk -T -P Ebonheart Vivec Vos Gnisis

To make sure to use the least amount of hops:

ywalk -T -P Ebonheart -w least-hop Vivec Vos Gnisis

ywalk was written by Wolfgang Müller
November 14, 2021