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* scss: Use pure black as the background colour in dark modeWolfgang Müller2021-06-13-1/+1
| | | | This increases contrast even further and looks better on mobile devices.
* scss: Use lighter color for --fg-href in dark modeWolfgang Müller2021-06-13-1/+1
* css: Remove rule that has no effectWolfgang Müller2021-03-29-2/+0
'align-self' cannot operate on elements that are not flex. This is most probably a remnant of an earlier discarded design whilst implementing 77bc0a9 (Attempt a thorough redesign of the landing page, 2020-06-06).
* css: Remove empty line at end of fileWynn Wolf Arbor2020-06-13-1/+0
* css: Have man.css respect prefers-color-schemeWynn Wolf Arbor2020-06-13-2/+13
| | | | | Add support for prefers-color-scheme to man.css by including all custom properties and referencing them in man.scss
* css: Move custom properties to their own fileWynn Wolf Arbor2020-06-13-34/+34
In preparation for making man.css respect prefers-color-scheme, move all custom properties to their own file so they can be included easily.
* css: Use dark colours when prefers-color-scheme indicates dark modeWynn Wolf Arbor2020-06-13-0/+13
* css: Set the blockquote foreground colour explicitlyWynn Wolf Arbor2020-06-13-0/+1
| | | | | | This element's foreground colour is inherited from the root element. Since we use a special background colour here, make sure to explicitly set the foreground colour in conjunction.
* css: Add colour variables for anchor elementsWynn Wolf Arbor2020-06-12-0/+10
| | | | | | Currently we use the default colour for these. In preparation for prefers-color-scheme, add two variables containing the default colours for normal and visited anchors.
* css: Introduce variables for various coloursWynn Wolf Arbor2020-06-12-7/+12
| | | | | | Currently, colours are set per element. In preparation of the support of prefers-color-scheme, use variables instead so they can be modified in one place.
* css: Remove superfluous definitionWynn Wolf Arbor2020-06-12-1/+0
| | | | | This particular background colour will be inherited from the root element and does not need to be defined explicitly.
* css: Use CSS custom properties instead of Sass variablesWynn Wolf Arbor2020-06-12-17/+20
In preparation for the support of prefers-color-scheme, convert all presently used Sass variables to CSS custom properties. This will enable us in an upcoming commit to define different values per media query. While at it, use a better name for variables holding colours.
* css: Highlight current target in the footnotes blockWynn Wolf Arbor2020-06-01-0/+4
| | | | | | | When clicking on a footnote reference, the browser scrolls all the way down to the footnotes block of the post. It is not immediately clear which footnote was referenced, so use the `:target` selector in the footnotes block to make the linked footnote bold.
* css: Reduce font weight for footnote referencesWynn Wolf Arbor2020-06-01-1/+0
In fde2230 (css: Add styling for footnotes) we introduced styling for footnote references, removing the underline and making them bold. However, as pointed out by a user, having them bold makes them less readable and clear. Therefore, reduce the font weight back to normal.
* css: Add styling for figuresWynn Wolf Arbor2020-05-31-0/+13
| | | | | | | | | | The figure (and figcaption) elements have not been used before. The upcoming post will include them, and this commit adds a bit of styling to make them look nice. Use a more muted color and a smaller font for caption text itself and provide a "round" class for any image element in a figure, which should help with making darker images less jarring.
* css: Add styling for footnotesWynn Wolf Arbor2020-05-31-0/+9
| | | | | | | | | | | The upcoming post is the first one to include footnotes. This commit adds a bit of styling for them. The footnotes block at the end of the post is a bit too prominent compared to the rest of the post. Use a smaller font size to make it stand out less. Footnote references in the text are anchors and therefore underlined by default. Remove any text decoration from them and make them easier on the eyes.
* css: Improve styling of the horizontal rule elementWynn Wolf Arbor2020-05-31-3/+2
This element has not been used before at all, but the upcoming post will be including it it in the footnotes block. Use a more fitting double-border style instead of the questionable design from the initial commit.
* css: Use a custom font-size for codeWynn Wolf Arbor2020-04-11-2/+4
| | | | We found 'smaller' to be too small, so go with 85% for now.
* css: Add indent and clear pre stylesWynn Wolf Arbor2020-04-11-0/+13
This commit adds two new classes for <pre> tags: 1) pre.clear overrides the standard canary background color with white 2) pre.indent defines a <pre> tag that is indented and marked with a border These classes are mainly meant for preformatted content that has been added manually and should not be styled like the common code blocks.
* css: Indent Bd blocks in manual pagesWynn Wolf Arbor2020-02-21-0/+1
* css: Adjust font sizes and line heightWynn Wolf Arbor2020-02-21-3/+7
These should make the pages more comfortable to look at.
* css: Remove unnecessary quotingWynn Wolf Arbor2020-01-12-1/+1
* css: Improve readability by increasing the line heightWynn Wolf Arbor2020-01-12-1/+2
Add a bit more space to paragraphs, whilst contracting pre-formatted content (which mostly is code and uses a different font which does not need this kind of space).
* css: Tweak canary colorWynn Wolf Arbor2020-01-11-1/+1
* css: Make content in <pre> more readableWynn Wolf Arbor2020-01-11-1/+3
This commit changes the background color of <pre> to be a bit less colourful, and changes text color from pure black to a slightly tinged black to increase readability.
* css: Remove unused pre.poetry ruleWolfgang Müller2019-09-09-6/+0
* css: Improve visibility of a focused nav.main elementWolfgang Müller2019-08-02-0/+5
Previously the only indicator was the standard :focus outline rule, this should make the focused element on the main page very clear.
* css: Add rules to keep images within page boundsWolfgang Müller2019-07-22-0/+2